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Migrating to . And still so terrific that 3 of 4 readers rated it "soporific"

RemoteFX (with Hyper-V) is a serious business tool. For games.

The Setup My downstairs PC (on the dining room table) is an HP Touchsmart all-in-one Core 2 Duo Intel Integrated Graphics 965-based box, which makes it absolutely abominable for games. Upstairs, my internet connection plugs into my Hyper-V host (actually, a TMG instance on it), and I’ve a sort-of-gaming PC set up next to that,… Read more

IRacing vs TMG 2010

Pre-blurb About a week ago, I signed up for iRacing again, after letting my subscription lapse back in, oh, looks like 2008. Time flies! Since then, I’ve been trying to get updates to install, but I’ve been having no luck with it – the update web page would just vanish when I ticked the updates… Read more

Ooh, an Alienware M17x

A friend of mine wanted a high-end gaming laptop; I’d just seen an impressive-looking MX11X in JB Hi Fi, and suggested he look at Alienware kit. He found the bells and whistles of the Alienware M17x were compelling. So, he clicked through to buy it, and had the sexy, beautiful box delivered to his house…. Read more

Xbox Live vs TMG

Foreword – Added 2011-03-08 As far as I’m aware, nothing significant has changed since the blog linked here – ISA Server is now TMG, sure, but XBox Live and TMG don’t officially support one another. This blog post captures something that seems to work for me, but may not work for you. (If you find a… Read more

Max Payne 2 on Xbox Originals

Awesome, in a word. Max Payne® 2- The Fall of Max Payne Wins my award for most heartbreaking game ever. With some pretty funky action along the way. I wasn’t as much of a fan of the first one, though if you play them back to back, they run very well together. (Though the part… Read more

Game Season Approaches

After what seems like a drought of epic proportions, the holiday releases are gradually going to thump their way out. Yay! What I’m looking forward to: Fallout 3 – once again, the Australian OFLC needs an R rating for interactive entertainment. I watched the ABC’s "Q&A" when the subject was brought up, and ended up… Read more

Oh, it’s the 29th!

Which means I was going to go buy GTA IV today! GTA: Vice City and GTA: San Andreas absolutely blew me away with the quality of the narrative and distinctive and unique open worlds. Best of all, guilty pleasures all in a consequence-free environment! I mean, I could jump buildings on a motorcycle! I can’t… Read more

ROCKtober approaches again

Fans of this blog – of whom there are at least six (see mum? 100% up on last year, despite the lack of official updates) – will know that I hold a special place in my heart for October, or as the cool kids like to call it, ROCKtober. Why does October Rock this year?… Read more

360 Elite, Eh?

We announced what appears to have been the world’s worst-kept gaming secret! From my perspective (as an Australian owner of a White Xbox for the last year), I’m not fussed; HDMI is non-present on my current monitor, and I’m quite happy with the VGA cable. Not as happy with the 50hz PAL problem on backwards compatible… Read more