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Migrating to . And still so terrific that 3 of 4 readers rated it "soporific"

Communities Blog Portal Now Open! With Keyword RSS Feeds!   Coolest feature: the ability to fashion a keyword/category query into an RSS feed across all Microsoft blogs. If you’re only interested in certain things (and personalities be damned!), you can sign up for the keyword feed. (And if you’re really serious about losing personality, try running it through a text-to-speech program afterwards, or removing… Read more

An MSN Messenger Update…

Which thoughtfully reset my painstakingly reconfigured emotional-blackmail-free Messenger sound scheme. Still, at least I’ve a simple solution these days.   I upgraded while Novaworld (appeared to be/was) down for the last few minutes, while waiting to play Joint Operations again. It’s a lot of fun, don’t be put off by the website. Fingers crossed for a standalone… Read more

ISA 2000: Script for Bigpond Cable Heartbeat

If you’re not on the Australian Telstra Bigpond Cable network, you don’t need this.   Update: Since 2007 (or maybe before; I lost track), Bigpond moved away from their heartbeat, instead using cable modem authentication. So, no need for this any more. W00p! 🙂   This is a script I wrote a long while back… Read more

More Fiddling: Emotion-Free (quiet!) MSN Messenger Sound Scheme

After migrating to a new user profile (easiest way to make a clean start and work out what I actually need on my desktop), I remembered one of my pet annoyances: MSN Messenger (and/or Windows Messenger) sounds like an ice cream van when it’s installed. Contacts happily bling online, messages make optimistic bleeps for attention, and alerts… Read more

IRL: I was an Angry Young Man, once…

Triggered by .   I normally don’t comment on Scoble’s posts – I just sponge from them – but this one really struck a chord, and it’s about time for a personal-ish blog (My content-to-personality quota feels about right). Try as I might, I just couldn’t stick to a topic, so it’s an autobiographical rambler. Sorry.   Darren… Read more

Blog Facelift: The Joy Of Filters (aka Getting IE Filters to Work)

I admit it (as if it wasn’t already obvious) – I dropped out of Graphic Design at Uni. The sad truth is that I’m a much better design critic than creator. /me shrugs, I’m from the Scoble school of blog design – it’s all about the content!   Still, a friend of mine (who might… Read more

C#: The Good Life

So I decided one day that my rudimentary knowledge of C++ isn’t really up to par (after several half-hearted book purchases and first-three-chapter reads, as is my M.O.), and that I should really spend some time improving my skills. I’m fairly fluent in (safe) C# and VB.Net, and I’ve a reasonable background in VBScript and… Read more

IRL: Busy Week

I did actually start writing a couple more infrastructure posts, but often in the course of researching them, I’d find documentation already existed. My thinking is that it might be useful just to draw attention to them, so next time, I’ll stick to the “why I should have known this already” format that my reader… Read more