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Migrating to . And still so terrific that 3 of 4 readers rated it "soporific"

My New Toy: An Apple 20″ Wide Screen

The Desire I finally succumbed to my desire, and decided to get one on Saturday, subject to the following conditions: I had to drive to each Apple centre. I could not call ahead to check availability. It had to be in stock and available right then, otherwise no sale. The reason for the cruel and unusual conditions is… Read more

Sydney Visual FoxPro User Group Meeting…

Doing something different today: I was the Microsoft Warm Body (an official title*) for the Sydney Visual FoxPro User Group meeting at the Microsoft building, as regular host and (alleged) FoxPro user A Coat was out of town- in Redmond as it turns out, not sunny Queensland like Frank! It seemed to go pretty well. The selection of… Read more

TechEd 2004: Tristank’s Quick Summary

So, Aussie Tech Ed 2004 in sunny (but wintry) Canberra is over. I can’t wait for next year! I’d volunteered to answer questions at the Just Ask Microsoft stands, and had a great time talking with our customers, MVPs and other Microsoft folk about Windows, ISA Server and our Support Offerings. It was really good to meet you – some… Read more

Communities Blog Portal Now Open! With Keyword RSS Feeds!   Coolest feature: the ability to fashion a keyword/category query into an RSS feed across all Microsoft blogs. If you’re only interested in certain things (and personalities be damned!), you can sign up for the keyword feed. (And if you’re really serious about losing personality, try running it through a text-to-speech program afterwards, or removing… Read more

ISA 2000: Script for Bigpond Cable Heartbeat

If you’re not on the Australian Telstra Bigpond Cable network, you don’t need this.   Update: Since 2007 (or maybe before; I lost track), Bigpond moved away from their heartbeat, instead using cable modem authentication. So, no need for this any more. W00p! 🙂   This is a script I wrote a long while back… Read more

New Australian Support Offering: Professional Support Advantage

If you’re someone that uses the pay-per-incident Professional Support in Australia (13 16 30), then you may be interested in Professional Support Advantage, a new support offering that we’re piloting at the moment, accepting signups until mid-October.   What’s the Advantage? Once your PSA contract is set up, you can log support calls 24×7, and billing… Read more