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Migrating to . And still so terrific that 3 of 4 readers rated it "soporific"

Dystopia Tomorrow…

(Australian time) Or today, US time. We are aiming to release the demo before 11:59pm GMT on 9th of September 2005. Here’s a few time zone conversions: 23:59:00 Friday September 9, 2005 in GMT converts to:16:59:00 Friday September 9, 2005 in US/Pacific19:59:00 Friday September 9, 2005 in US/Eastern09:59:00 Saturday September 10, 2005 in Australia/Brisbane… Read more

My Tech.Ed AU 2005 In Blurry Slightly Truncated Pictures

Just running through my newly-broken phone (dropped from booth height to the hard, unforgiving floor below) to pull the interesting bits off it. It wasn’t a good week for the phone, which now can send voice and play any type of noise you can imagine via the speaker, other than what the person at the other end… Read more

Mr. McLaren’s Blogging!

Andrew McLaren‘s decided to share some of his vast – and sometimes even useful – selection of knowledge on technologie and matters arcane via his new blog. I like to think of him as being the old and wise mainframe to us junior burger microcomputer support engineers. Actually, I don’t really like to think of him per… Read more

Dystopia Nears Release

One of the other GTSC guys popped up on the Friday over lunch at Tech.Ed, and told me I had to check out the Dystopia stand – cunningly incognito under the “MEDIA CASTING” pod banner. I hopped over to have a look (holding my pants up on the way) and got the run through from Tim,… Read more

Tech.Ed 2005: Without A Belt

I was packing on Monday afternoon. I’d taken Monday off sick – my first sick day since starting with Microsoft four years ago – to try to recover from the cough-rapidly-becoming-a-cold-and-fever that had hit me on Saturday night, and developed nastily through Sunday.   On Tuesday, feeling a bit better largely due to the quantity… Read more

Tech.Ed AU 2005: Done and Dusted

Just got home and I thought I’d capture a quick reaction before it wore off: OH YEAH! Was that an intensely good Tech.Ed or what? I ended up attending three sessions – that’s right, three (!) – because I was caught up discussing ISA Server, or Media Centre, or Windows Server or whatever with customers,… Read more

Tech.Ed AU: Screen Scrapin’ RSS feed for Mediacasts Site

No RSS feed, yet, eh? Now ya do! I knocked up a quick script to take care of this niggling problem, and added it to my unofficial feed collection. <enclosure>s aren’t implemented (or planned) in the unofficial version (hence it’s not really a cast yet as such), but I’m pretty sure they will be on the Real Thing… Read more

Yes, I’ll Be At Tech.Ed 2005 Australia!

On the beautiful Gold Coast, only two short weeks away! My rough work plan outside of the sessions: Tuesday 30 Aug15:30 – 21:30 (what!? Surely that’s a typo!) Secure Well Managed Infrastructure stand (ISA Server, Virtual Server/PC, Networking and Crazy Stuff hat on) Wednesday 31 Aug13:00 – 21:30 (gibber) SWMI Thursday 1 Sep9:30 – 14:30 (9:30 must be another… Read more

Three-o’clock Shadow?

Dugie (blog to follow – I suggested getting anywhere he could slap some discreet, tasteful advertising and use his opinions to pay for the hosting) hosted the Brisbane Virtual Server User Group tonight (for the last time before it becomes BIG forever, I think I caught), and a good time was had by all. Except for when… Read more