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Migrating to . And still so terrific that 3 of 4 readers rated it "soporific"

Xbox 360 Wireless Receiver for Windows: Installation Experience

“Experience” is a lovely word for a corporate blog. Discuss. Anyway, my experience was that it didn’t work the first time round. That was at 7pm. it’s now 9pm, and I’ve just finished my first laps around Barcelona in RFactor, using the Wireless Racing Wheel and TrackIR. Awesome? You betcha! Easy? Not quite what I’d… Read more

Xbox 360 HD DVD Player

About time! March brings us Aussies the Xbox 360 HD DVD add-on. $249 looks like the magic number – nicely equivalent with the US RRP. Can’t wait to watch MI3 and Superman Returns… And Kotaku said it even ships with King Kong in the box! Awesome! I needed to type this sentence to make the formatting… Read more

Xbox Live – Free Gold Weekend for Aussies

If you’ve got an Xbox and broadband but haven’t upgraded from Silver, give it a go! It’s free until 10pm Sunday. I’ve been playing Gears of War this week, and am *itching* to take it online, but my phone line decided to suddenly choke my ADSL connection on Sunday night, and Telstra didn’t get to fixing it this week…. Read more

Searching For A Better Notebook

Back from Fiji. The resort and the people were lovely, the snorkeling amazing, and I’m told the diving was pretty good too. Right back to business: I need some serious retail therapy. I went away with a powerful laptop I barely used (I actually set a personal record for “least PC use in a given week”,… Read more

August 31, 2006 (Australian Time)

Today: 1. Saints Row should become available locally for the Xbox 360. Liked the demo. On the subject, did anyone try out the Just Cause demo from Marketplace? That was really over-the-top latin american fun! I wonder if it’ll have Live capabilities, so I can scream things like “Miguel! You keeeled my braaathaaaar!” at my Argentinian friend*…. Read more

Aussies: Mothers’ Day is this Sunday!

Quick reminder that it’s The Day Of The Mother for Australians this Sunday the 14th May. If you haven’t bought a gift yet, well, lunchtime is good, right? I got mine a Logitech Harmony 880 remote (kinda a both parents present really) and spent 4.5 hours fighting their Panasonic TV on the weekend getting it set up…. Read more

Origami – Neutron Star Edition

I was really keen on getting a Samsung Q1 Ultramobile (Origami) until I learned a little more about the specs from Samsung’s UK site: Damn. I was kinda hoping for an ultra mobile PC I didn’t need to use a semi-trailer to haul around! 🙂 (from here, close to the very bottom). No word on Aussie availability yet…… Read more

Daylight Saving Time – Still On This Week

Note #1: This post links to discussion boards that use colourful language. If you don’t like that sort of thing, don’t click any non-numerical links below. Note #2: If Elected, I Solemnly Promise: As a suggestion to governments for next time around: If the objective was to get the Closing Ceremony televised at the same time… Read more

Nvidia: You’re Really Annoying Me

The Nvidia DVD Decoder (now called Purevideo) store is back, and better than ever*. It only took three months more than originally promised, but that’s OK. I’d signed up for the “when we’re ready, we’ll email you” email from them. I got it last night. Dear Customer, Thank you for your previous interest in NVIDIA’s DVD… Read more

Another IT Pro OPML Update

I’m sure I’ve missed someone, but either way, the grand total of Aussie IT Pro bloggers (that’s people that design, deploy and maintain the stuff, and blog about it!) is 15. The most recent additions were (as I recall): Dugie, Parky, Angus (Dev/IT Pro overlap is fine) and today’s new victim contributor, Jonathan. Wondering out loud: Do any… Read more