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Migrating to . And still so terrific that 3 of 4 readers rated it "soporific"

Come to the Windows 8 and Windows Server 2012 Premier Roadshow

Australian Premier Support customers: Join us for an overview of the new stuff in Windows Server 2012 and Windows 8! This series of events will run for the entire day in each city and showcase 4 sessions of about 90 minutes, on a range of Windows Server 2012 and Windows 8 client topics. All topics will… Read more

Windows 8 UX Fundamentals–free virtual training

I’ve been working on the Windows 8 Application Excellence Lab circuit recently, helping push Metro-style apps from good to great! Metro apps look visually simple, but conveying your app’s information in a simple and visually appealing manner isn’t just a matter of “removing stuff”. The best apps look simple, present information appealingly and effectively, and… Read more

Office Cheap, Windows 7 Cheaper

Holy ger-burble, splatman! Windows 7 Professional Upgrade for $30 (at the bottom of the block). Office 2010 for $80. Academic editions, with student-friendly pricing. Qualifying student ID required.… Read more

Telstra HTC HD2 Connection Settings

The Shiny New Phone I bought an HTC HD2 sight-unseen from the Telstra online store yesterday, and the “five business days” for delivery worked out to be one in total. Score! With the phone as supplied, aspects of the phone are uncustomizable, and the Internet connection is one of those things. Most Internet-connecting items worked… Read more

Max Payne 2 on Xbox Originals

Awesome, in a word. Max Payne® 2- The Fall of Max Payne Wins my award for most heartbreaking game ever. With some pretty funky action along the way. I wasn’t as much of a fan of the first one, though if you play them back to back, they run very well together. (Though the part… Read more

Mesh Gush

Hi Everybody! I’ve been laying low for a while, in read-only mode, sorting, filtering, evaluating and generally catching up on stuff! So, why break radio silence now? Well, I’m popping up to offer a quick endorsement for the Mesh platform, which was recently opened up to Australian testers. I’m excited. I love it, and it’s… Read more

My Next Laptop – an XT

A new year, another new laptop, incorporating the lessons learned from last time. Interesting choice of nomenclature for the new Dell tablet range. <memory lane> My first PC (mostly-)compatible was an XT-class machine. I think we got it in 1988, maybe 89. I had no idea that 286 and even 386s were available already! What… Read more

Office 2007 Ultimate, $AUD75!? Yes, That’s Cheaper Than I Can Get It!

Back in the day, software used to be quite cheap around here for employees. Then, due to a confluence of unfortunate factors, all involving complicated acronyms (like FBT), Aussie ‘softies started paying what could be politely described as unspectacular rates for personal copies of Microsoft software. This has led to uncomfortable barbequeue moments, like “so… Read more

Two New Updates for Aussie Windows Vista Media Centre Owners

The Media Center dev team have been working to address a couple of problems that have particularly affected some Australian Media Centre users, and we now have updates available from Product Support. While the fixes are available, the KB articles documenting them aren’t yet published (at the time of writing), but we’re working on getting them out as soon… Read more

HDMI on (my) LCD TVs sucks (aka The Campaign For Pure Pixels)

Before I get into the rant: I am thoroughly ignorant of any and all video standards. Do not expect this post to contain much in the way of factual value. I’m housesitting at my parents’ place at the moment. They have a recent-ish 32″ Panasonic LCD TV. They have my old XP Media Centre PC… Read more