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Migrating to . And still so terrific that 3 of 4 readers rated it "soporific"

Installing Windows from a USB Stick (and copying it to that stick from an ISO)

(Quick public dump so I can find the tool link again easily)   Download the Windows 7 USB/DVD tool from here. (NB links to the page, not the EXE) Download ISO image from store or MSDN Run Win7 USB DVD Tool and point it to ISO and USB Stick Label stick Seriously Tristan, label the… Read more

ISA 2004: Netstat vs Fwengmon and Server Publishing

If I recall correctly [1], ISA 2000 used to bind and listen to Server Published ports as soon as the rule became active. These were then visible in Netstat -AN (and -ANO if on XP, -ANB if on XPSP2). ISA 2004 is a very different beast to begin with, and while mucking around with server publishing tonight,… Read more

ISA 2004 vs HTTP Compression

Been a while since a dedicated ISA post, so Happy New Year to my ISA-focused readers! I spotted this post in my ISA Server watch list, from the new Port 80 Software blog. As they mentioned, we’ve published the mother of all KB articles on how the HTTP Filter in ISA 2004 behaves with compressed (Gzip encoded)… Read more

NLB Will Actually Converge On A Crossover Cable

…It’s just that it’s of no use to anyone outside the cluster – and I can’t think of a way of making anything useful happen using a crossover cable within an NLB cluster, so if anyone’s got a good usage scenario for Wibbles with a crossover cable, please leave a comment!   In the course of a support issue… Read more


I read items like this with interest. After recently flattening, installing, rebuilding or migrating a bunch of machines, I started to develop my “minimum customized set” that makes my life on a Windows box more comfortable. Jeff blogged a while back about how extensive customization was best avoided. I agree: I used to be a… Read more

Quickly* pinging everything on a subnet

For when you don’t remember that you set your wireless gateway’s static IP to .253, and it’s not showing up in the list of leases on the DHCP server (predictably, but it’s not helping your memory, and it’s not in the arp cache either…), and you need to reboot it using the web interface, all through remote desktop… Read more

Paint.NET Is Good (and 1.1 is out now)

I fairly frequently need to use an image editing application for random minor acts of vandalism (see links at left for examples), or just formatting and saving blog images. I’ve had Paint.Net 1.1 RC1 installed for a while, but hadn’t remembered to try it for anything. Today I needed to edit text in a way MSPaint couldn’t possibly… Read more

Outlook Calendar Adapter 1.1 for Blogwave

Working from the to do list at the original post, and desperately trying to avoid working on my terrible remote desktop switcher, I’ve updated the pseudo-terrible calendar adapter. Major New Features: Prettier icon, using the BlogWave Dynamic Wave Device*. Minor New Features: Ability to pick a specific calendar folder to publish. This is cool for many reasons, not… Read more