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Migrating to . And still so terrific that 3 of 4 readers rated it "soporific"

Ben Armstrong – Virtual PC Guy – blogs about games in Virtual PC (a Ninja Feature!)

(Wild divergence warning – skip to Back To The Topic At Hand if you don’t want to read about my childhood) I sometimes raid my collection of 200+ game CDs (yes, all purchased legally) to dig out some of the old DOS games I grew up with. It often happens at this time of year. While growing up in… Read more

XmlHttp, WinHttp, Cookie-based Auth and Too Much Coffee

I had a couple of cups of coffee with dinner last night, and ended up perched in front of my PC, unable to sleep, and unable to solve a problem involving XMLHTTP and (as it turns out) cookies. As a long-time Bigpond Cable user at home, I was interested in Darryn’s scripts for BPA Usage… Read more

Haushaltung. (also: Hey, Nvidia!)

(Blame Altavista for the translation – I was looking for “housekeeping” rather than “house brought to a standstill”). First up – if you’ve posted a comment recently, and it’s been eaten, moderated or otherwise lost, I abjectly apologize. I’ve run through a few pages and discovered moderated comments, which I don’t seem to be notified… Read more

The Death Of Favourites (an Ode to OneNote)

Finally, one of the banes of my existence is going away.   No, “Favorites” aren’t disappearing from Internet Explorer (er, not that I know of, anyway), but I just noticed that my browsing experience had been greatly streamlined. By using Favourites. Which is surprising to me, because normally, I’m flat-out scared to open the list…. Read more

ISA 2004: Netstat vs Fwengmon and Server Publishing

If I recall correctly [1], ISA 2000 used to bind and listen to Server Published ports as soon as the rule became active. These were then visible in Netstat -AN (and -ANO if on XP, -ANB if on XPSP2). ISA 2004 is a very different beast to begin with, and while mucking around with server publishing tonight,… Read more

Fiddling: PasteOff Image Saving Thing

As I mentioned in my post about MSN Spaces, I’ve got this weird habit of wanting to convert clipboard BMPs into JPGs directly, with a minimum of actual steps expended. So, I hacked together a little applet – let’s call it version 0.1 – that converts any bitmap on the clipboard to a JPG in… Read more

What’s a Private IP Address?

Private IP addresses are defined in RFC 1918 (a very readable RFC, for my money, and quite short to boot). The RFC defines three ranges: ->  ( – an A class network in oldspeak) -> ( ->  ( – a B class network) There’s another common group of IP addresses that could… Read more

NLB Will Actually Converge On A Crossover Cable

…It’s just that it’s of no use to anyone outside the cluster – and I can’t think of a way of making anything useful happen using a crossover cable within an NLB cluster, so if anyone’s got a good usage scenario for Wibbles with a crossover cable, please leave a comment!   In the course of a support issue… Read more

Proposal: Namespace Operator Pronunciation – :: = "blup blup"

So – does the Namespace operator (and IPV6 address separator) have a specific phonetic pronunciation? Something onomatopeic? “Colon colon” suffers from having too many syllables. If there’s no generally accepted practice, I submit that whenever “::” needs to be vocalized, it should be pronounced “blup blup”, (and correspondingly, that the colon be pronounced “blup”). Enunciation is frowned… Read more