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Migrating to . And still so terrific that 3 of 4 readers rated it "soporific"

Screen Clipping not working in OneNote?

I use OneNote’s Screen Clipping feature all the time – to save retyping, to show someone exactly what I mean, to manufacture professional-looking* screenshots from my VMs… it’s worth the price of the product alone. I use it with PjPic all the time. And it’s a killer feature! (some might even say… ninja feature?) Whenever I… Read more

Using IPSec Policies as a Firewall to Block SASSER Infection

Short version: Use an IPSec policy to configure a miniature firewall on each client (Windows 2000 and above) to stop SASSER reboots and buy time to deploy the patch.   Long version: The Sasser worm hits hosts on port 445 to infect them and crashes LSASS, which makes the box restart – which can be annoying if you’re… Read more

I’d Really Like Better Messenger Integration with IE

I’ve officially declared Friday to be Browser Fiddling day. Overnight, I tried out Slim Browser and Maxthon (MyIE2) – thanks to Brad C’s comments, they both: allow middle-click-open-in-new-window-in-background have tabs that can be closed by double-clicking have their “search from the address bar when a hostname is typed” option disabled have a cool-looking default skin that… Read more

And This Morning, I Didn’t Like Podcasts

My experience to date with podcasting has been that I’d rather not, thank you. Nice that you’re excited about it, but bluntly, I have a problem not being able to visually skip content when someone’s talking about the weather, and when it sounds like they recorded the ‘cast using the paper-cup-and-string method. I was pointed at… Read more

Publishing RDP (Terminal Servers, XP Remote Desktop) with TSWeb (and ISA 2004)

My last post on TSWeb (aka TSAC or Remote Desktop Web Connection) continues to be one of my most-hit blogs, so I spent a little time working with the TSWeb default connection page to try to simplify some of the bits that people were asking about. The aforementioned post describes how it works – this… Read more

Home Hyper-V Networking Gotchas

Before the holidays, I bought myself an early present: a new quad-core box with 4GB RAM, which I was going to use for a home Hyper-V lab, so that I could run a bunch of 64-bit VMs as well as the 32-bit staples I’ve been using for years (SBS 2003, and a separate ISA Server… Read more

Problems With Other Browsers?

Thanks to Eric TF Bat who dropped me a comment: There’s an issue with this blog on standards-compliant browsers; the right-hand navbar seems to be making the central text area go haywire. Check it out in Firefox to see the effect. It’s probably a side-effect of only testing the site in a non-standard browser, tho that’s… Read more

The Cleartype Tuner

Using an LCD monitor without Cleartype is like using… um… something worse. It’s good. Especially as it turns out that some of the monitors at work are BGR (the teeny little sub-pixels are usually aligned Red, Green, Blue). For the naysayers: If you tried Cleartype before but it looked like jagged splinters of colour were trying… Read more

Tip o’ the Week: WEVTUTIL for EVTX/EVT file conversion

This week, a pointer to a solution to a problem I occasionally hit. Windows Vista (and by extension Windows Server 2008, I assume) utilizes a new EVTX log format for event log exports. It’s XML-based, natch. Problem: Everyone’s Favourite Log Digestion Tool Log Parser uses system APIs to read event log exports, and the old .EVT event… Read more