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Migrating to . And still so terrific that 3 of 4 readers rated it "soporific"

Are you funny enough? Let us help.

I was forwarded a link to the Education Competencies site. What beauty. What simplicity. What abject terror! (seriously, anything with “Competencies” in it means HR involvement, and HR involvement means Catbert, and Catbert is widely understood to be purrr(e) evil). It had the following gem: “Timing. There is a time for everything and sometimes humor… Read more

Wanted: New Tablet. Thin, light, quickish, immortal battery.

Requirements: Multitouch Active Digitizer (Pen support, preferably pressure-sensitive) Thin (Don’t need a DVD drive, and small bulk is important for travelling) Light (again, travelling) SSD-capable (for a later upgrade) 8ish hour battery life 4GB+ Integrated 3G TPM (this teeny little thing is really a license to demand wads of cash, isn’t it?) Plus, if at… Read more

WPAD via DNS and ISA Server (or TMG, for that matter)

Just a reminder that WPAD is a special blocked keyword after recent DNS Server security updates. This prevents sites with an unconfigured WPAD entry from allowing devolution beyond their own level. The symptom you see most often might be that when you first configure a WPAD entry, Internet Explorer (or other browsers using WPAD) might… Read more

Hyper-V Saved State to Memory Dump conversion

I was wondering if something like this existed to help with a malware infestation I was looking at. And yes! It does! Via Doug: Take a virtual machine that you want to do some kernel level spelunking on. Rather than going into the guest and generating a kernel dump by one of the usual methods,… Read more

MicroUSB – a quick “yay!”

The Kindle 2 I bought recently used a new and strange USB cable – one I hadn’t seen before. Then, the HTC HD2 I bought turned out to use exactly the same plug, which I now know is MicroUSB! So now, I travel with one cable to charge the phone (nightly) and the Kindle (hardly… Read more

Mental Note

Acer 1820PT. I remember looking with lust at the 1420P given to PDC attendees, and this looks pretty close to it. Multitouch, thin, light, due March says the Eyo website. And in the ballpark of $1400. Then again, I’m off to the US in March anyway… perhaps it’s better to leverage the 90 cent AUD-to-USD… Read more

Telstra HTC HD2 Connection Settings

The Shiny New Phone I bought an HTC HD2 sight-unseen from the Telstra online store yesterday, and the “five business days” for delivery worked out to be one in total. Score! With the phone as supplied, aspects of the phone are uncustomizable, and the Internet connection is one of those things. Most Internet-connecting items worked… Read more

TMG Web Protection In Action

Today, I arrived at my desk to find a link from one of my relatives waiting for me in an MSN window (sorry, Windows Live Messenger – old habits die hard). This was unusual behaviour for the person involved, so I was instantly suspicious. I used Mesh to sign into one of my home PCs,… Read more