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Migrating to . And still so terrific that 3 of 4 readers rated it "soporific"

Aussies! Job! Here! Fun**!

I was burbling some copy together for a possible job ad, and figured I’d post it here. Like to work at the bleeding edge of technology? Able to bring order to chaos? Enjoy complex problem-solving? If you’ve put out all the fires in your IT infrastructure and are left wondering where all the interesting work… Read more

Yes, I’ll Be At Tech.Ed 2005 Australia!

On the beautiful Gold Coast, only two short weeks away! My rough work plan outside of the sessions: Tuesday 30 Aug15:30 – 21:30 (what!? Surely that’s a typo!) Secure Well Managed Infrastructure stand (ISA Server, Virtual Server/PC, Networking and Crazy Stuff hat on) Wednesday 31 Aug13:00 – 21:30 (gibber) SWMI Thursday 1 Sep9:30 – 14:30 (9:30 must be another… Read more

Techie Audio?

What I find makes exercise (you know, walking and stuff) more tolerable is having someone whisper sweet technical nothings in my ear. I’m working through DotNetRocks back-episodes, which aren’t bad at all. While digging around for more audio, I noticed Technet Radio, and quickly chewed through it – personally, I’m after deeper content rather than higher-level stuff,… Read more

B-Day (no, not bidet) for Battlefield 2

Well, Battlefield 2 is in my hot little hands right now. I had to get the CD version (3 CDs) because I don’t believe in preordering (it violates rule #1 of impulse buying, which is that if the goods aren’t miraculously present on the store shelf, I don’t pick them up and purchase them). Now… Read more

Hitchhiker’s Guide Movie: Four Stars

As a fan of the trilogy-o-five and a bunch of Douglas Adams’ other work, I was quietly skeptical about how good the Guide movie was likely to be. Douglas is gone – weirdly, a loss that still affects me personally, as if he’d been a lifelong friend – but the movie channels him to fantastic effect. The trailer was… Read more

Win2K: 1 Year, 5 months to go I just saw the first case for a fair while come through on IIS 5.0; it prompted me to wonder when support for IIS 5.0 (as part of Windows 2000) expires. Well, the answer is: 13th July 2010. If staying well away from the leading edge – but still supported – is truly important… Read more

IRL: I was an Angry Young Man, once…

Triggered by .   I normally don’t comment on Scoble’s posts – I just sponge from them – but this one really struck a chord, and it’s about time for a personal-ish blog (My content-to-personality quota feels about right). Try as I might, I just couldn’t stick to a topic, so it’s an autobiographical rambler. Sorry.   Darren… Read more

Vocab Corner: Bing

Another wonderful word suggestion to add to your custom.dic, from the mind that brought you “Fnjorkel“. The SuggestionIM has become ubiquitous, but there’s no widely accepted way of easily saying “IM me” in a non-vendor-specific manner without using more than two syllables.Therefore, I move that “bing” be used in place of any given term for… Read more