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Xbox 360 HD DVD Player

About time! March brings us Aussies the Xbox 360 HD DVD add-on. $249 looks like the magic number – nicely equivalent with the US RRP. Can’t wait to watch MI3 and Superman Returns… And Kotaku said it even ships with King Kong in the box! Awesome! I needed to type this sentence to make the formatting… Read more

Test Signing X64 Drivers

Well, I did learn a lot today! You may be familiar with the restrictions that Windows Vista X64 places on unsigned kernel-mode drivers (I was only vaguely familiar with it). This is new – XP64 (which I upgraded from) would warn but allow installation, from memory – WV64, the driver won’t load. There was a… Read more

IIS6 Perf Tweak for Intranets

Kerb authentication is performed at each request, rather than each connection. This can end up being a little top-heavy. 917557 FIX: You may experience slow performance when you use Integrated Windows authentication together with the Kerberos authentication protocol in IIS 6.0;EN-US;917557 Once installed, the hotfix is toggled by registry key: the value name is EnableKerbAuthPersist. Why… Read more

DebugDiag 1.1 Released!

IIS Troubleshooters rejoice! If you’ve ever had an application on an IIS server do one of the following, this tool is for you:  – hang (or respond slowly) – crash (W3WP.exe terminated unexpectedly) – chew memory in the lead-up to a crash or need a restart on a regular basis (memory climbs, until it falls over, then memory… Read more

Sick Day

My eyes just haven’t been the same since the tusk incident, and the medication seems to be making them worse. I’m typically the last person you’ll see away from the office, but with eye things, it’s better to not take the risk of spreading them. Still, British heritage, stiff upper eyelid and all that, so let’s… Read more

5 Dirty Secrets About Me*

Thanks Andrew. No, no, really, thank you. Um, right. As this is my corporate blog, I feel an innate hesitation to tarnish the company sheen (actually, it’s more like demarcation: as far as I’m concerned, the marketing department are responsible for it 🙂 ), so here’s the G-rated version: 1. Since the PC 3D graphics accelerator… Read more