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Migrating to . And still so terrific that 3 of 4 readers rated it "soporific"

KDC_ERR_BADOPTION when attempting constrained delegation

Hit this earlier while working with someone else on a Kerberos delegation problem. All the SPNs looked right and were registered against the right accounts; all the App Pools were Network Service; from what I’d been told, everything should have been working… but wasn’t. More troublingly, it had been working at one point. But why!? We checked that… Read more

Upgrade Nightmare: The Parental PC

My parents’ Celeron 800 was getting a little long in the tooth, so I figured I’d upgrade their PC as a “welcome home” present. I got them a new AMD Sempron 2400+, 512MB DDR RAM I had left over from my last upgrade, a new Gigabyte motherboard, and a Radeon 9600SE. They had a reasonably… Read more

Tabs: Convert To The Middle-Click

The first bit of feedback I sent about the IE7 Beta release was that I wanted the tabs to be double-click closable. This is a habit I’ve picked up from Maxthon and other IE-based browsers, where a double-click on a tab closes it. I can’t remember whether Firefox does it, but I suspect it’s an option…. Read more

Strider HoneyMonkey (Gobsmack Fluoro Turbo Omega)

Man, I wish we could make our regular product names more exciting and a little less… you know. Boringly descriptive. Luckily, we have MS Research, and it looks like they’re not only coming up with the naming goods, they’re going sploit trawling with their imaginatively named HoneyMonkey network. Short version: Rather than set up a bunch… Read more

How To Win Friends And Annoy Legitimate Email Users, Part I

The events herein took place a couple of months ago. My rage has subsided into a background hum of frustration. Only now can I write about the experience. My parents’ ISP uses some wonderful spam software that they won’t describe to anyone. (Repeated requests for some type of guidance on how it works (so that… Read more


It’s MSPoll time here – the time at which the ‘softies get to tell the bosses way up the org chart how they’re feeling. Those looking for a mini-msft style discourse here will be disappointed; I did use Mini’s advice, though, and use at least the period of the survey for some reflection. There’s a bunch… Read more

ISA 2004 does 502s rather than 407s if you’re already authenticated

Update: Also works for ISA 2006 and TMG. There were a couple of newsgroup questions on ISA 2004 authentication that prompted me to go digging through the SDK. Edit: A little more background so this makes more sense: When an HTTP request is submitted by a client (also called a “user agent”, because not all user… Read more

My Weekend: Crackdown

 Gah! The whole weekend spent playing Crackdown! What has the world come to!? Crackdown does a bunch of stuff phenomenally well. I’ve had to think, I’ve had to react quickly, and in some areas I’ve just had to sandbag my way through. Climbing up the sides of buildings is great fun, and the puzzles involved –… Read more

IUSR vs Application Pool Identity – Why use either?

(pasted from my email clippings. I’m on holiday right now, catching up on paperwork!) The TLDR version is: using AppPoolIdentity as both the App Pool Account and Anonymous user account lets you have multiple isolated anonymous websites on one box. IIS 7.x and upwards (as of Win2008 R2 and Windows 2008 SP2, also in IIS 8.x in Windows Server… Read more

HDMI on (my) LCD TVs sucks (aka The Campaign For Pure Pixels)

Before I get into the rant: I am thoroughly ignorant of any and all video standards. Do not expect this post to contain much in the way of factual value. I’m housesitting at my parents’ place at the moment. They have a recent-ish 32″ Panasonic LCD TV. They have my old XP Media Centre PC… Read more