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Migrating to . And still so terrific that 3 of 4 readers rated it "soporific"

How TSWeb / TSAC / Remote Desktop Web Connection Client Works

[Update 16 Aug 2004] I’ve posted some sample TSWeb HTM file that handles different ports too, and steps for how to get it working* with ISA 2004 (or other Port Address Translation-capable firewalls) in this post: Publishing RDP (Terminal Servers, XP Remote Desktop) with TSWeb. There’s a common misconception that TSWeb allows you to connect… Read more

XPSP2: How To Detect IE6 for SP2

A quick note that’s becoming something of an internal FAQ – the information below is from MSDN. Detecting Internet Explorer in SP2You can use window.navigator.userAgent to detect if the browser connecting to your site is Internet Explorer in SP2.var g_fIsSP2 = false;function browserVersion(){  g_fIsSP2 = (window.navigator.userAgent.indexOf(“SV1”) != -1);  if (g_fIsSP2)    {      //This browser is Internet… Read more

Windows Server 2012: Hyper-V hanging on boot

Breaking it During the week, I tried a straight upgrade for my Hyper-V box from Windows Server 2008 R2 to Windows Server 2012, and wandered off. Noticing the Internet hadn’t come back a half hour later (TMG VM), I found my server hung at the new Windows logo. Hung hard: no capslock activity. Rolled back;… Read more

one-Line Iso-Ish-Date Format Thing For CMD

I love CMD. I love batch files. I love FOR. I love being able to do things in one line, without resorting to VBScript or a custom EXE. Today’s task: make a unique folder for each day of metabase collection. I figured that getting a folder-creation-capable date format out of %date% and %time% should be reasonably… Read more

My New Toy: An Apple 20″ Wide Screen

The Desire I finally succumbed to my desire, and decided to get one on Saturday, subject to the following conditions: I had to drive to each Apple centre. I could not call ahead to check availability. It had to be in stock and available right then, otherwise no sale. The reason for the cruel and unusual conditions is… Read more

New Feature: RDP over SSL with Windows Server 2003 SP1

Release Candidate 2 for Windows Server 2003 SP1 is available to test from, which means RTM can’t be that far away! A new feature in SP1 (at least, present in the RC2 build of SP1) that’s been causing some confusion is RDP over SSL – a new option for Terminal Services that should provide server… Read more

RemoteFX (with Hyper-V) is a serious business tool. For games.

The Setup My downstairs PC (on the dining room table) is an HP Touchsmart all-in-one Core 2 Duo Intel Integrated Graphics 965-based box, which makes it absolutely abominable for games. Upstairs, my internet connection plugs into my Hyper-V host (actually, a TMG instance on it), and I’ve a sort-of-gaming PC set up next to that,… Read more

Evil Features: I like ’em.

I quite liked the idea of Smart Tags. Unlike “Smart Tags Are Evil” Scoble. I like the way Smart Tags work in Word documents, and I wish they’d been included in IE. Perhaps not in the “sponsored” format that was mooted (links to MSN/Google properties, etc), but in a more fundamental user-configurable sense, I like… Read more

I Hate Glass

Forget circles. Forget copper. I mean, sure, I get that I’m not supposed to use or pick up copper, but glass just completely freaks me out. I’m more scared of glass than I am of spiders. And I’m really scared of spiders, so scared I couldn’t even use this “World Wide Web” until I’d sprayed the… Read more

“Buttering” Onesself with MSN Search?

The verb form of “Google” seems to have become the commonly accepted form of “searching using Google”: “I googled myself today…”, “I’m googling it…”, “Google me!”, “Go And Get Googled” (when someone asks a question verbally using only search terms – eg “Hey Tristan! ISA Web Publishing SSL?”) I’ve (just today) switched my default Maxthon search service… Read more