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DebugDiag 1.2 (64-bit capable, .Net 2.0+ compatible) released

Great news, everybody! Wait, that was Farnsworth-y – no, really, it’s great news!

DebugDiag 1.2 (or to give it its full title, the Debug Diagnostic Toolkit) has been released to the web and is available from the Microsoft Download Center.

Notes from the email that described this release:


· .Net 2.0 and higher analysis integrated to the Crash Hang analysis.

· SharePoint Analysis Script.

· Performance Analysis Script.

· .NET memory analysis script (beta).

· Native heap analysis for all supported operating systems


· Generate series of Userdumps.

· Performance Rule.

· IIS ETW hang detection. 

· .NET CLR 4.0 support.

· Managed Breakpoint Support.

· Report Userdump generation to the Event log.


· Import/Export of rules and configuration, including ‘Direct Push’ to remote servers.

· Enterprise deployment support using XCopy and Register.bat.

Non-supported items

· x64 userdump analysis on x86 systems.

· Installing x86 DebugDiag on x64 systems.

· Installing 1.2 and 1.1 DebugDiag on the same system.

· 1.2 Memory leak analysis of 1.1 leaktrack.

· Analysis of x86 Userdumps generated by x64 debugger.

Notes about this release:

– Uninstall all previous DebugDiag versions before you install DebugDiag 1.2.

DebugDiag makes analysis of IIS (and sometimes random process) user mode memory dumps a cinch. This long-awaited release should be helpful to any IIS admin or developer trying to troubleshoot problems with their web site or server.