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Are you funny enough? Let us help.

I was forwarded a link to the Education Competencies site. What beauty. What simplicity. What abject terror! (seriously, anything with “Competencies” in it means HR involvement, and HR involvement means Catbert, and Catbert is widely understood to be purrr(e) evil).

It had the following gem:

“Timing. There is a time for everything and sometimes humor is not appropriate. Since you are reading this because you or others don’t think you are good at using humor, the best technique is to follow the lead of others.”

Giggle. Er, sorry, it’s not funny. Or is it? Maybe I need to write it down to remember it…

“Being funnier. […] Jot down funny things that happen around you so you can remember them.”

Aww, you’ll make a stand-up comedian of me yet, Microsoft. Hugs.