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Mental Note

Acer 1820PT.

I remember looking with lust at the 1420P given to PDC attendees, and this looks pretty close to it.

Multitouch, thin, light, due March says the Eyo website. And in the ballpark of $1400.

Then again, I’m off to the US in March anyway… perhaps it’s better to leverage the 90 cent AUD-to-USD exchange rate and get one for, like, way less. Though the US hasn’t released it yet. Hmm. Decisions, decisions.

Weirdly, the US specs say it supports up to 8GB, but the AU specs say 4GB. Interesting. Not a deal breaker, yet. And that it’s actually likely to be available is a point in favour of picking it up locally.

I’d consider getting another Dell Latitude XT (well, an XT2), but the price seems to have gone up since last time.

Is it really so much to ask for a thin, light, multitouch-and-pen-enabled tablet with immortal battery life, scads of RAM, and workable graphics performance for games (i.e. not a GMA) for under $2000? Really? Really? (how about $2400?).