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Migrating to . And still so terrific that 3 of 4 readers rated it "soporific"

Autoproxy might still be broken in current Java runtimes

A customer battling automatic proxy configuration issues with ISA/TMG, and PAC/WPAD.DAT pointed me at the following bug:;jsessionid=e70c81c1a56f7d856f2e50539c708?bug_id=6887492 Which, if I’m interpreting it right, is Closed. In Connect-speak, that would mean “not being worked on”. (If it was, or is, and a newer version fixes this, please let me know). From the TMG perspective, a… Read more

IE8 and IE9 Taskbar Icons

I’ve been working on my tablet for the last week, and found myself really really missing IE9, even though I swore I wouldn’t install it on this, in the interests of production-readiness. So, with the work done, I’m installing it. Gimme my tearoff tabs back. It’s enough to make me consider reverting the taskbar to… Read more

Ooh! The Web Farm Framework for IIS 7.x!

ScottGu has the detail of (and a walkthrough for) the Web Farm Framework, which looks to make high-uptime application publishing, deployment and maintentance a snap. Last month we released a beta of the Microsoft Web Farm Framework. The Microsoft Web Farm Framework is a free product we are shipping that enables you to easily provision and… Read more

TMG 2010 Service Pack 1!

Missed this completely while working onsite for the last {forever}! TMG SP1 is here. There’s an X64 version for the Server and/or EMS, and a 32-bit version for just the MMC bits on computers you use to remotely manage the boxes. Installation Instructions Downloads:… Read more

Windows Live Sync Beta “Sorry” Errors

I’m in the process of updating my Mesh-and-Sync empire to the new Sync. On all of the Server operating systems (all 2008 R2), I’d install the new Live Sync Beta, and then find that they reported something along the lines of: “Sorry, there is a problem with the sync servers. Please try again in a… Read more

Office Cheap, Windows 7 Cheaper

Holy ger-burble, splatman! Windows 7 Professional Upgrade for $30 (at the bottom of the block). Office 2010 for $80. Academic editions, with student-friendly pricing. Qualifying student ID required.… Read more

Ooh, an Alienware M17x

A friend of mine wanted a high-end gaming laptop; I’d just seen an impressive-looking MX11X in JB Hi Fi, and suggested he look at Alienware kit. He found the bells and whistles of the Alienware M17x were compelling. So, he clicked through to buy it, and had the sexy, beautiful box delivered to his house…. Read more

TMG Large Logging Queue: No More SQL Lockdowns?

What you say!? The new logging system in TMG 2010 is seriously cool, and it’s designed to cope with extended instances of SQL Server going away. Extended meaning multi-hour, but depending on disk space, it could be multi-day. Short Version There’s a good detailed description of it here, which I’ll try to crystallize: The most… Read more

More Network Inspection System updates

A new Vuln (vulnerability) NIS definition for Outlook Express / Windows Mail MS10-030 joins the recent Expl (exploit) definition for the Sharepoint XSS issue (currently an Advisory). The other type of signature is a Policy signature – not an exploit or a vulnerability per se, but a security feature an Administrator might want to enable…. Read more

TmgAdConfig (aka ADConfig, ADConfigPack)

To avoid you tearing your hair out trying to find it: The tool TMGADCONFIG.exe is included in the ADCONFIGPACK.exe download, available from this location, which extracts to the Program Files(x86)\Forefront TMG Tools\ADCONFIG folder by default. I was chasing it down with great vengeance and furious anger cos the examples on the web indicated that the… Read more