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Vista Black Edition comments from the MMPC

Matt McCormack, MMPC Melbourne (that is the most awesomely alliterative signature block I’ve seen for a while) comments on an amusingly ironic infection detection we’ve seen from MSE:… Read more

ISA Server 2006 TCP Retransmits

Health Checks I perform ISA Server Health Checks for Premier Support (via Premier Field Engineering) as part of my role. I’ve seen something a few times recently that I thought it might be helpful to call out, while poking around in the Performance Monitor TCPv4 counter area. The Problem In short: Lots of TCP retransmissions… Read more

My new roadmouse

They wanted me to post about Windows phones. Well, I’m going to fight the power. Buck the trend. Talk about my new favourite travelling companion. It is the surprisingly-catchily-titled Microsoft Mobile Memory Mouse 8000. First cool feature: Magnets everywhere! The wireless transceiver doubles as a 1GB USB stick, and has a magnetic doohickie on the… Read more