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On the ISA Server Security Update

Rambling my way to a point

One of my most favourite “Favorites” (read: “he snarled”) in recent weeks has been the ISA Server Product Team’s Build Numbers post.

They helpfully list the version numbers of each ISA Server, um, version, along with a link to the most recent hotfix for that version. That’s so helpful.

But: In most cases, you had to use the self-service hotfix feature to get that hotfix. Which is better than calling someone, but still not quite one-click conweenyence.

And there was some useful stuff fixed in each – you can do the research (hint: research is typically along the lines of “isa server hotfix” in whatever search engine you use).

Back to the security update: if you look at the file list for the security updates, they look a lot like the file lists for the recent hotfixes.

(Aside from a little while ago: nice that we’re again using KB articles for file information and not just “you should read the bulletin” placeholders. Makes it easier to reliably find file version information in the one place. No idea who changed it in the first place, but my blunt message to you: that was suboptimal.)

I know you love short versions, Glenda

So, long story short, by applying the security update, you’re getting the most recent build of those binaries for your ISA Server.

Just one caveat: remember that with this patch, you’ll need to reapply it if you make any significant installation-level changes to ISA later (see the bulletin for that).