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Vista-Stylez File Management in Windows 7 Beta

If you’re finding file management frustrating because the folder pane seems strangely inactive in the Windows 7 beta, it’s probably because it is. It’s perfect for light filing use, but not so good for folder-stuffing and navigational acrobatics. Which I seem to do.

I filed a bug using Send Feedback on that just now, complaining it was harder to organize files en masse with the new system, especially with an extensive folder hierarchy, cos I had to use two windows, and while I love the Snap Left and Snap Right feature to a point, blah, blah blah, whine. (Hey, does anyone know how to tile vertically?)

Of course, seconds after filing the bug, I experimentally right-clicked in the folder area of the Win7 Explorer interface, and there are precisely the options to restore Vista-like behaviour:


It’s also in Folder Options. (oops). The trick to finding it in the Explorer pane is to right-click a blank area, not one of the items.

My bad. Sorry, Win7 team. I take it all back, and I’ll pay for any damage*.