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Back With A Semblance

It’s a new year, I have a new job, and I have new stories to tell*!

I had a lovely Christmas break, thanks for asking, and now I’m back, I’ve moved into my new role as a Premier Field Engineer. PFEngineering is the part of the organization tasked with helping customers optimize and healthify their deployments of our software.

In my new role, I spend more time on fewer things, and more time actually in customer environments. I’m a professional poker, prodder and proofreader.

My focus has expanded, from IIS alone out to IIS, ISA Server, PKI and Security, and I’m likely to be expanding those a little further too.

It’s good to be back in the field. I enjoy working in real (and, um, virtualized) environments, with real (and virtualized) people, fixing things quickly, demonstrating my suddenly-wonderful touch-enabled Dell XT Tablet PC (Mary Jo might hate touch, but I’ve been sold since I used it with Teh Vistar, and Win7 is even better… more on that some other time).

* I lied about having new stories to tell right now. But soon. Sooooon.