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Migrating to . And still so terrific that 3 of 4 readers rated it "soporific"

Generic Troubleshooting: "Is it still a problem?"

I’ve been doing this support thing for a while now. Frequently, the basics are what get overlooked when troubleshooting an issue, particularly an issue that seems complex on the surface. Often, though, you’ll find that the detailed techniques lead you back to a fairly basic set of rules, the most basic of which is: Everything’s… Read more

Can Bluetooth Shut My Phone Up?

I love my Touch Dual, but I’m one of those people that constantly forgets to shut it up when I’m at my desk. (This is a plea for help, rather than an apology to my coworkers, who deserve everything they get.) But anyway: my utopian vision is that of having a USB Bluetooth dongle in… Read more

It’s A Saving, not A Savings!

Yes Atwood, it was you that drove me to this. "This power savings is achieved by dropping the CPU multiplier…" Gish! So I did a little digging to see whether I was alone in having the (vast unkempt) tufts of hair on my (manly) back try to punch their way through my shirt: b…. Read more

The Cat’s Out Of The Bag: ISA Server will become ForeFront TMG

So, we all know that ISA 2006 doesn’t work on Windows Server 2008. Massive architectural changes to the IP stack, blah blah, etc, etc. People (uh, yeah, just "people") have been asking about what’s to become of ISA Server for a while: "There’s no ISA 2008 announced!" they’d scream. "This surely means the end of… Read more

(ooh!) Foldershare Revamped!

(This post brought to you by the number 3, and the letters WHY AM I NOT SLEEPING?)  It’s been a while – and suddenly: Pow! (and did I mention ooh?) A new Foldershare website! Has the feel of SkyDrive to it. And a big, prominent beta logo. Wonder if that hints that Foldershare might become the desktop client… Read more

Post-SP2 TCP Offload Fix

I’ve mentioned Chimney before. Now, a new Windows Update fix for TCP Offload, which turns it off. It was on by default in Windows Server 2003 SP2, so if your NIC supported Offload, or RSS, or that other thing I can never remember, it was enabled. But: we (PSS we) typically turn it off as… Read more

IIS7 Modules Aplenty – WebDAV, Bitrate Throttling

New modules, supported by Microsoft, are now officially RTMd (RTWd?) and available for use with IIS 7.0. WebDAV Yay new WebDAV! Yay being able to enable it on specific parts of a site! Yay better! Robert: Downloads: •    Microsoft WebDAV Extension for IIS 7.0 (x86) •    Microsoft WebDAV Extension for IIS 7.0 (x64) … Read more

Productivity Tip: Make A Y-Wing From Whiteboard Markers

My Top Tips series* commences with the only not-really-computery tip I have to share: The Y-Wing. Are you sick of losing whiteboard markers? I was! We all were! In the turbulent, fast-paced environment that every-minute-counts problem solving creates, my workgroup found that tens of minutes a year were being spent searching for whiteboard markers. Every… Read more

"Stacking" NTLM Authentication

This question came up today (well, actually, it was about four weeks ago I started typing this, but bear with me), and it’s been a little while since I’ve rambled about authentication protocols, so let’s enjoy a nice, calm discussion on a Monday Tuesday arvo. The request was something like: In a Web Publishing scenario,… Read more

MaxUserPort – what it is, what it does, when it’s important

What can we say about MaxUserPort that hasn’t already been said? Not a lot, it would seem. He’s a beautiful dancer, perhaps? Ahh, such gentle humour, and nary a kitten drowned anywhere. But TCP port shenanigans are fairly frequently misunderstood, so let’s talk about the very basics of MaxUserPort. NB: This is all pre-Vista behaviour… Read more