That Memory Leak Revisited

While searching for memory leaking troubleshooting techniques that could be applied to 64-bit Windows (for the DHCP Server memory leak I found I had the other day), I stumbled across the answer to my problem in an internal tool (weird that I missed it from a web search the first time, but c'est la vie).

A Windows Server 2008-based DHCP server that is configured in a workgroup environment may consume too much memory


And that's my problem! One REG command (and one restart of the DHCPServer service) later, I'm waiting to see how it went, but it all looks promising, based on that article. Neat-o.

Comments (3)

  1. Tristan K says:

    Certainly fixed it for me, I just applied the registry setting and restarted the DHCP Server Service, and the same command prompt I did that from has been sitting there for three or so weeks now.

    If you know your leak is in the DHCP Server Service, this one’s definitely worth a try.

  2. Richards Earl Howe, K.G. says:

    ah yes.. nameless colleagues on another continent will no doubt rejoice at these TRAININGS.

    Admiral Lord Howe.

  3. George says:

    Hey Tristan,

    A client of ours has the same problem i believe and your post is helping a lot in this sense. Do you have an update if this fixed the issue for good? I am about to apply the same fix, and wanted to make sure we’re on the right track!



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