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It’s A Saving, not A Savings!

Yes Atwood, it was you that drove me to this.

"This power savings is achieved by dropping the CPU multiplier…"

Gish! So I did a little digging to see whether I was alone in having the (vast unkempt) tufts of hair on my (manly) back try to punch their way through my shirt:

b. savings (used with a sing. verb) Usage Problem An amount of money saved: a rebate that yielded a savings of $50.

…In the United States the plural form a savings is widely used with a singular verb (as in A savings of $50 is most welcome); nonetheless, 57 percent of the Usage Panel find it unacceptable

Not alone! This sounds like pure marketingspeak that happened to catch on. Using the plural makes it sound(s!) like you’re getting(s!) two (or more!) of something(s!).

Sure, usage is possession and all that, but really, it’s distasteful(s)!