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(ooh!) Foldershare Revamped!

(This post brought to you by the number 3, and the letters WHY AM I NOT SLEEPING?) 

It’s been a while – and suddenly: Pow! (and did I mention ooh?) A new Foldershare website! Has the feel of SkyDrive to it. And a big, prominent beta logo. Wonder if that hints that Foldershare might become the desktop client for Skydrive, at least in part? (previously, as I understand it, it was always client-to-client, no actual storage “in the cloud”, so you couldn’t get stuff unless at least one replica was switched on and logged in, but it’s possibly a short hop from there to SkyDrive being seen as an always-on repository…) (Juuust idle speculation. I’ve heard, seen, and know nothing. (Just ask anyone that works with me.))

Ooh again! A new FolderShare Satellite too (with Activity right on the main popup menu, yay! That initial sync is as addictive as watching an old-skool DOS defrag).

That’s about it. I see a few problem reports from the new beta in the comments on the Foldershare Blog , so if all is currently right with your file synchronization world, you might want to keep the old client install handy before upgrading.