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Migrating to . And still so terrific that 3 of 4 readers rated it "soporific"

Don’t Use Office Applications (or GDI+, or System.Drawing, or WinInet) in a Server Application (or ASP.Net)

Johan posted a timely reminder of a long-standing perennial support call generator in his post Office Automation . Adding one more option to the list of possible workarounds – direct XML-based production/manipulation of an OOXML (or ODF, for that matter) document (Word, Excel, Powerpoint?) might get you where you need to go. Now, to get… Read more

.HDMP and .MDMP files

Just a quickie – the rule is blog what you know, but I figure my speculation might be good enough here. A friend gave me an HDMP file and asked what I could make of it. After the usual “I could make a hat! Or a brooch! Or a dinosaur!” type stuff, I realized it… Read more

What does it mean when there’s no "broken page" icon in IE8?

I was just catching up on some of my RSS feeds, and noticed that one of the pages I was at didn’t have a broken page icon, but wasn’t working quite right (some broken javascript in the photos area, I’m guessing… I’ll investigate that next). I wondered what that meant, so fired up Fiddler2 to… Read more

Game Season Approaches

After what seems like a drought of epic proportions, the holiday releases are gradually going to thump their way out. Yay! What I’m looking forward to: Fallout 3 – once again, the Australian OFLC needs an R rating for interactive entertainment. I watched the ABC’s "Q&A" when the subject was brought up, and ended up… Read more

Mesh Gush

Hi Everybody! I’ve been laying low for a while, in read-only mode, sorting, filtering, evaluating and generally catching up on stuff! So, why break radio silence now? Well, I’m popping up to offer a quick endorsement for the Mesh platform, which was recently opened up to Australian testers. I’m excited. I love it, and it’s… Read more

That Memory Leak Revisited

While searching for memory leaking troubleshooting techniques that could be applied to 64-bit Windows (for the DHCP Server memory leak I found I had the other day), I stumbled across the answer to my problem in an internal tool (weird that I missed it from a web search the first time, but c’est la vie)…. Read more

Windows Server 2008 Diagnostics Off The Cuff

A word of caution to those of you that like endings: this isn’t over yet. I’m running a rather sad and noisy X64 desktop as a server at home. Once a proud warrior, actually, no, wait, it was never any good. It’s just a Virtual Server host (it’s not quite Hyper-V capable; next one will… Read more

Vocabulary Corner: Analuze

Analuze: verb 1. A pointless analysis, as in "I’ll analuze those logs if you really want me to, but the problem’s not visible at that level" 2. A very difficult analysis: "You really, really want me to analuze that?" 3. A typo when trying to type "analyze", that often works anyway…. Read more

Oh, it’s the 29th!

Which means I was going to go buy GTA IV today! GTA: Vice City and GTA: San Andreas absolutely blew me away with the quality of the narrative and distinctive and unique open worlds. Best of all, guilty pleasures all in a consequence-free environment! I mean, I could jump buildings on a motorcycle! I can’t… Read more