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SetSPN improvements in Windows Server 2008! W00t!

Update: Most recent SetSPN ramblings (short: use -S instead of -A). All this stuff is based on a prerelease (RC1) version of Windows Server 2008 and may change before final release. Cheques may not be honoured. I had a happy moment one night in India when the trainer for our IIS 7.0 TTT course discussed… Read more

Office 2007 Ultimate, $AUD75!? Yes, That’s Cheaper Than I Can Get It!

Back in the day, software used to be quite cheap around here for employees. Then, due to a confluence of unfortunate factors, all involving complicated acronyms (like FBT), Aussie ‘softies started paying what could be politely described as unspectacular rates for personal copies of Microsoft software. This has led to uncomfortable barbequeue moments, like “so… Read more

Anthology Of Interest

Okay, so there’s no interest here, but perhaps an anthology anyway. Yes I’ve been gone a while; another computer packed it in (this time without my own personal brand of assistance), I’ve been off to India (usually 5.5 hrs difference from Sydney, but we worked the night shift – 10pm to 4:30am in theory, we… Read more