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IIS 7 – LH Beta 3 Launch Stuff

Tons of cool new things in Longhorn Beta 3 on the IIS front, including:

… the first beta of our new FTP server.  This isn’t a part of Longhorn Server Beta 3, but it is available today and offers a lot of brand new features for you to experience today.  The new IIS7 FTP server includes secure publishing with FTP/SSL support, integrated web publishing with support for the IIS7 configuration system and administration tool – making it really easy to setup FTP publishing points for a web application, integrated authentication (so that delegated administrators can use their same credentials to publish to IIS7 web sites), host header FTP support, and more!  This FTP server is really amazing, and I’ll be covering more of it in a future blog post.  Download it today, and read more about it on!

There’s also a new DevCenter (or Developer Centre for us posh English-speaking types) with an expected-to-be-ever-expanding selection of samples and tools.