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A Tiny Measure Of Progress

Prompted by Joseph’s lamentations, I thought I’d check on how Tiny was doing in the performance index stakes. Not that I was planning on any schadenfreude or outright gloating, of course.

The post from December 2006 has the following details:

Original score: 2.0 {2.7,2.9,2.0,2.4,3.7}

Re-test today: 2.4 {2.7,2.9,3.8,2.4,3.7}

Driver upgrades look like they’ve been trickling through; today’s score looks like it’s as good as I’m going to get it with the current CPU:

2.7 {2.7,4.3,3.9,2.8,3.7}

The 1GB RAM upgrade made the little dear noticeably faster in most respects, but with the latest graphics driver updates, now the low-voltage low-speed CPU is the limiting factor.

Still, I’ve convinced it to run Glass happily enough, and it’s still the best laptop I’ve ever owned, so all is good. It may not do point five past light speed, but I got point three better, and that satisfies me. It’s not like it can do the Kessel run in less distance than the Kessel run, though. Bum. 




(reaches for the drill and the overclocking tape)