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Just saw Sunshine

Sunshine on IMDB.

Well. If it had ended about four minutes before it did, it would have been a classic in my book. In fact, when I buy the DVD, I might make a “Tristank’s Cut” version that skips the very end. Or maybe mashes it up with Jurassic Park, or something. Yes, dinosaurs were on the spacecraft, and sabotaged it so that it fell into New York, in the form of a ship.

Quick Plot: Sun dying, Earth freezing. Spaceship sent to send big ‘ol nuke into heart of sun. Not everything goes to plan.

Er, anyway – I’d thoroughly recommend this movie to anyone that enjoyed Alien, or any good space-thriller. Come to think of it, has there been one since?

The production is stunning. And by stunning, I mean totally spray-your-ashes-over-a-wide-area stunning. The music intermittently pounds and soothes you, setting the tone perfectly, the sound effects (I particularly loved the lonely bleeps and bloops through solar static) are spot-on, and there are some crazy visual effects. Let the experience wash over you (rather than spending time trying to break the effects down), and you’ll have a very enjoyable experience.

Special mention: the lumbering menace of the rotating sections of the ship. Every time one scudded past, I was concerned. A subtle and unexpected payoff from it too.

There’s a pretty decent Flash exploration tool providing some backstory not in the movie, and some foreshadowing of events to come at the movie site:

My rating: Four out of five cold-burning stars.