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Sick Day

My eyes just haven’t been the same since the tusk incident, and the medication seems to be making them worse. I’m typically the last person you’ll see away from the office, but with eye things, it’s better to not take the risk of spreading them.

Still, British heritage, stiff upper eyelid and all that, so let’s use the time wisely to make up words for things that probably already have more succinct definitions.

Invertendre – the act of deliberately picking the meaning other than the one intended by the perpetrator of a double (or *tuple) entendre.

Inadvertendre – when the other entendre dawns on you only after the uncomfortable silence sets in.

In other news – and close enough to this sick day to be of suspicious timing – the Armed Assault demo is absolutely rockin’ with my new ($AU350! cheap!) X1950 Pro under Windows Vista. It’s *so close* to being playable at 1920×1200.

I’d been using a 6600GT, but this makes that look like last year’s video card. Sure, it’s probably the video card of 18 months ago, but until ArmA, no cause for upgrade.

Two years from now, I’ll be playing Armed Assault at 1920×1200 with 8xAA and 40-60fps. Can’t wait to see what G80 and R600 make of it…

Back to work… (yes, I work on my sick days).