5 Dirty Secrets About Me*

Thanks Andrew. No, no, really, thank you.

Um, right. As this is my corporate blog, I feel an innate hesitation to tarnish the company sheen (actually, it's more like demarcation: as far as I'm concerned, the marketing department are responsible for it 🙂 ), so here's the G-rated version:

1. Since the PC 3D graphics accelerator was invented - which is going on 11ish years now - I've owned pretty much everything that counted in the gaming market: (sure, no Nv1, but that's just a function of having no income at the time, otherwise I'd have been there)

Rendition Verite; 3dfx Voodoo x2, Rush, Banshee, 2 (x2, never SLI tho), 3, 4 (for multimon at the time - excellent 2D card, eh?), 5 5500, Riva128 x 2, TNT, TNT2 x2, GeForce2, Radeon 9600, Geforce4, Radeon 9800, Geforce6 x2. Approximate expenditure: lots! (too much)

Next card: Looks like an 8800GTS (er, or GTX), but I'm trying to hold out until the R600 ships... Ironically, now I earn more, less of my income is devoted to gaming... sigh!

2. I'm travel-phobic. To the extent that a long commute scares me. The term "postcode violation" was coined for me due to my near-compulsive lack of wanderlust.

3. I readily watch my girlfriend's (relatively close by) soccer matches, but I draw the line at softball. No one should have to sit through that.

4. I dropped out of second-year Graphic Design at Uni, and got a job in the computer industry. Had always been OK with fiddling things like Config.sys and twiddling EMS/XMS to get games working... it just grew from there...

5. I owned my first car - an '87 Ford Laser KC - for 12 years. I still think it drove better than these newfangled things. I like the feel of non-power steering. (And it kept me in better shape when reverse parking).

Who would I like to spill their guts?

Ben Armstrong ; Jeff Atwood ; Dugie ; Brian Crecente ; Ozy/Andre.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I've been tagged by Tristan via Coatsy via Darren via Keyvan via Jayson Alex, and the tag seems to go...

  2. jayson knight says:

    I'm amazed at how many folks have your #4 as a common thread (including myself).

    I got a late start in the PeeCee world, but still remember my first "real" G-Card quite fondly...a VooDoo 4500. I miss 3dfx.

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