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Migrating to . And still so terrific that 3 of 4 readers rated it "soporific"

SetSPN improvements in Windows Server 2008! W00t!

Update: Most recent SetSPN ramblings (short: use -S instead of -A). All this stuff is based on a prerelease (RC1) version of Windows Server 2008 and may change before final release. Cheques may not be honoured. I had a happy moment one night in India when the trainer for our IIS 7.0 TTT course discussed… Read more

Office 2007 Ultimate, $AUD75!? Yes, That’s Cheaper Than I Can Get It!

Back in the day, software used to be quite cheap around here for employees. Then, due to a confluence of unfortunate factors, all involving complicated acronyms (like FBT), Aussie ‘softies started paying what could be politely described as unspectacular rates for personal copies of Microsoft software. This has led to uncomfortable barbequeue moments, like “so… Read more

Anthology Of Interest

Okay, so there’s no interest here, but perhaps an anthology anyway. Yes I’ve been gone a while; another computer packed it in (this time without my own personal brand of assistance), I’ve been off to India (usually 5.5 hrs difference from Sydney, but we worked the night shift – 10pm to 4:30am in theory, we… Read more

A (minor) Public Confession

For years now: I have been opening the Plantronics headset boxes of people that have annoyingly loud phone voices. I have been surreptitiously turning the input volume up as far as it will go. As it seems nobody knows the input volume control is there except for me[1], this has a positive effect: on the Loudy’s next phone… Read more

Kerb Notes Down for a bit

Due to one of my hosters changing their hosting policy, and the other having unspecified ongoing difficulties with Sharepoint site provisioning, my Kerb troubleshooting Wiki is down for the count, for now. It’s still cached in search engines, though. Sharepoint’s an interesting beast to host Wiki notes in, and I’m interested to see how the Frontpage/Sharepoint… Read more

401.3, you say? Not 403?

You’re running an IIS 6.0 website, and you have a virtual directory configured for anonymous authentication only (that is, you’ve unticked Integrated Windows Authentication). Using a web browser, you try to access a file in that virtual directory. What’s a web browser? Know what IE is, Leon? Yeah. Same thing. I’ve never seen an IE…. Read more

Tip o’ the Week: WEVTUTIL for EVTX/EVT file conversion

This week, a pointer to a solution to a problem I occasionally hit. Windows Vista (and by extension Windows Server 2008, I assume) utilizes a new EVTX log format for event log exports. It’s XML-based, natch. Problem: Everyone’s Favourite Log Digestion Tool Log Parser uses system APIs to read event log exports, and the old .EVT event… Read more

I’ve gone soft!

Yes, perhaps my friends are right. Or perhaps they’re just not nice people. Oh, enough with the trying-to-suspend-the-tension thing, I’m of course talking about my desk phone (a venerable Meridian thingo) being replaced with a Catalina USB phone as part of our Sydney trial of Unified Everything (or just Unified Communications, but communications is everything,… Read more

ROCKtober approaches again

Fans of this blog – of whom there are at least six (see mum? 100% up on last year, despite the lack of official updates) – will know that I hold a special place in my heart for October, or as the cool kids like to call it, ROCKtober. Why does October Rock this year?… Read more

Jason Brown’s new blog

The traitorous malcontent (and former MVP) that left my cubicle for greener pastures has set up his own (shiny! new!) little shack on the intarwebs, discussing Sharepoint of all things. I mean, I know he’s in the Sharepoint support team now, but honestly – what can Sharepoint do that a stonking great database-driven ASPX site with hundreds of… Read more