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Migrating to . And still so terrific that 3 of 4 readers rated it "soporific"

Sir William, I cannot wait until lunch time.

WARNING: Low-content lint collection post. I’ve finally run around fixing all the broken bits of the blog’s front window, so hopefully the old neighbourhood will follow my example, and won’t continue its inevitable spiral towards doom and disfigurement. “Colour management” (note to reader: please infer a sneering, sarcastic tone) reared its ugly head again. There is nothing… Read more

ISA 2004 SP2 Out Now

ISA Server 2004 Service Pack 2 is the latest collection of updates, fixes and enhancements to ISA Server, for both Standard Edition and Enterprise Edition.   SP Numbering: There was no SP1 for Enterprise Edition, because it was roughly equivalent to Standard Edition SP1. Now, they both get an SP2 release.   What’s New? – BITS… Read more

Yeah, I Have The Blog Sausage

(It’s like a talking stick, but it’s for blogging. And it’s a sausage.)   But I’m spending 140% of my time learning about new stuff, so I’m bound to be a little bit quiet for a while.   So, rather than expand on any of them, here’s a batch of things I’m thinking/annoyed/curious about right now, and will… Read more

(Puns based on the word "drill" may be easily misinterpreted)

Tristan’s main home PC was an Athlon 64 3500+. It had an Asus A8N SLI, bought many months ago. The motherboard had always had a noisy chipset fan, and it had finally given up the ghost and decided that rather than spin, it would quack. Every four seconds, when it was warm. Tristan decided that… Read more

The Client Certificate Problem

Holiday Question #2, from Mathieu: In Belgium we have a electronic identity card (eid) it contains a certificate for signing and authentication in windows.After some investigation I found some documents on the microsoft website how I could implement client certificate authentication with the eID on my IIS webapplication. (ASP.NET)This works very good ! (at the… Read more

ISA 2004: Hosting a Joint Operations Server

Back from the beach now, and starting to wade through the email morass via OWA (1000s of messages… makes you really appreciate fat clients, rules and desktop search). Here’s an interesting one from the blog feedback folder: I am trying to configure our corporate firewall to allow hosting of Joint Ops.  On my linksys type… Read more

Token Post por Janvier

Dear Mater, I’m still at the beach. STOP. After a week of oppressive sunshine, sometimes over forty new degrees, we have endured ten days of oppressive rain. STOP. When the rain stops, conditions are hot and humid. STOP. And then it rains again. STOP. Currently awaiting further showers. STOP. Wish the rain would STOP. STOP. I endeavoured… Read more