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Migrating to . And still so terrific that 3 of 4 readers rated it "soporific"

Xbox 360 Night for the Aussie Contingent

Yes, after four months of waiting, the Xbox 360 is finally going to be available. (And there was much rejoicing.) I’ll be lining up to get mine tonight, playing The Setup Game (aka Cable Conundrum), and then playing a lot into the early hours of the morning, when I’ll be yelled at for being so bloody inconsiderate… Read more

Messenger Beta Contact Grouping

I like contacts grouped in the “traditional” way: displayed in groups offline and mobile contacts grouped or hidden Away contacts displayed inline, so that “locational memory” still applies (eg, I know that if a friend is online, they will always be in the same relative position) I’ve installed Messenger beta 8.0.566 a couple of times,… Read more

It’s an Origami for mi

Currently on couch, but perched in front of laptop. Tried blogging via Community Server from hastily-borrowed i-mate Jasjar while reclined, but it didn’t pan out, and I don’t like the keyboard on it. I’ll let that post go. So as long as someone manages to get a nice, semi-regular QWERTY keyboard (eg, shift, control and Esc keys) into a… Read more

CoComment, eh? Phwoooaaaar, eh? Phwoooooaaaaaar, eh? Eh eh? Eh? (wink)

Right. Been busy. Forced myself to take 1/2 hour to do something other than type, whether it was play games or read feeds. Feeds won, so I’m now catching up on the 7387 unread items I have in RssBandit. Jay mentioned coComment earlier, and it sounded like a good idea, so I’m trying it out…. Read more

Blog Chipolatas

So much to do, so little time. Moving RSS out of Outlook and into RssBandit means I spend less time reading my feeds each day, but my workload is high enough that I don’t usually get a chance to check it. Sigh. Anyway, rather than talk about what I’ve been doing, I’d rather talk about what’s coming… Read more

Taking A Dump (file!) With Windows Vista

Note: Not sure if this is a feature that will make it into the final release, or if it’s there for testing while the product’s in beta; I personally would love to see it remain, especially in the Server version. Oftentimes, you don’t know you need to take a (memory) dump until the moment is upon… Read more

Windows Vista Feb CTP (5308) Nvidia Driver Update (fixes judderbug)

The new Forceware 87.15 release is available now from Nvidia, fixing 5308’s rather annoying once-a-second pausing problem on GeForce cards (like my 6600GT)… It’s a ZIP file at the moment, so just extract to wherever, and update the driver for the Display Adapter through Device Manager. This is my first blog post from Windows Vista… Read more

Perfwiz (!)

Yet another one minute blog post. That took four. Perfwiz is a tool that configures Perfmon (Performance Monitor) counters for you, based on the settings you give to a functional yet adorable little wizard. The output can be useful in troubleshooting performance problems, memory leaks, and in baselining and testing. You just run the wizard… Read more

Windows Defender Beta 2

(The Product Formerly Known As Windows Antispyware)   Nice to see that the names are starting to swing back in favour of the fun and descriptive, rather than descriptive and descriptive (BitLocker not being called “secure startup” any more was my other evidence for this)…. Read more