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Migrating to . And still so terrific that 3 of 4 readers rated it "soporific"


It’s MSPoll time here – the time at which the ‘softies get to tell the bosses way up the org chart how they’re feeling. Those looking for a mini-msft style discourse here will be disappointed; I did use Mini’s advice, though, and use at least the period of the survey for some reflection. There’s a bunch… Read more

Thanks Chuckie P.

It’s a Saturday night, so naturally I’m catching up on thousands of unread blog posts while my girlfriend subjects herself to Return of the Jedi. Charles “Chuckie P”* Petzold (the famous XAML rapper) made a very interesting update on Microsoft’s CSAML C-sharp programming innovations at some point in the last month (some might say a key point). Somewhere around the… Read more

(Unwelcome) Realism in Games

Tycho (linked page contains harsh language) expands on something I’ve been unhappy about for years – my emphasis in bold: I was interested to read an interview with the man who designed Lara Croft, where he makes it clear that their Tomb Raidin’ gameplay – which is to say, the enclosed subterranean holes we associate most directly… Read more

In The Company Of Heroes

My job supports my gaming habit. I got into the IT industry by playing games, and it’s looking likely that I’ll exit in much the same way! 🙂 That said, it’s great working in some small way with your childhood heroes, no matter how remote! To hear that Peter Molyneux’s Lionhead studios is now part… Read more

SyncToy 1.2 Out Now

Synctoy is an excellent Windows XP Powertoy that has loads of interesting synchronization modes. It was just updated to version 1.2, though I haven’t had any problems with 1.1. If you’re using it, possibly worth the download. If you’re not using it, and you tend to manually push files from a folder on one PC to… Read more

Stupid Fixed-Width Blogs

There have been a couple of pleas on one of the blog discussion aliases internally about images that seem to jump below the post. If you’re in that situation (and oh look! I am too since I moved to a basic fixed-width format), you can use the IE Developer Toolbar to fiddle the results and work… Read more

Origami – Neutron Star Edition

I was really keen on getting a Samsung Q1 Ultramobile (Origami) until I learned a little more about the specs from Samsung’s UK site: Damn. I was kinda hoping for an ultra mobile PC I didn’t need to use a semi-trailer to haul around! 🙂 (from here, close to the very bottom). No word on Aussie availability yet…… Read more

So How’s The 360?

Fantastic. Incidentally – we were excited when we saw Big W had the premium pack for 628 on the launch Thursday, but Dick Smiths at Macquarie currently have the premium pack for 615 – 35 bucks off! My preorder was $650, but I got it at 20 past 12 on Thursday morning, so there were perks…. Read more

Daylight Saving Time – Still On This Week

Note #1: This post links to discussion boards that use colourful language. If you don’t like that sort of thing, don’t click any non-numerical links below. Note #2: If Elected, I Solemnly Promise: As a suggestion to governments for next time around: If the objective was to get the Closing Ceremony televised at the same time… Read more