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Migrating to . And still so terrific that 3 of 4 readers rated it "soporific"

ASP.Net / .Net Framework 1.1 >4GB Memory Problem

Just a quick mention of the following article – it’s not a virtual address space issue per se; this one’s talking about problems when the amount of physical memory in the machine exceeds 2GB – particularly where greater than 4GB. 893360 FIX: Generation 1 garbage collections and generation 2 garbage collections occur much more frequently… Read more

VPC is now Free!

Late to the party as usual, but hey, that’s alright! So all our virtualization solutions are now available at no cost. That’s fantastic news for anyone that uses this stuff day-in, day-out and might have balked at the cost of acquisition previously and just used Virtual Server, because it was free… I love my Virtual… Read more

Formula 1 Survey 2006

Ah, if there’s one thing that’ll get me out of bed and onto the couch at 4:30 in the morning, it’s Formula 1. ‘course, that was before I had a Media Centre, but I still pretend I’m watching it live these days! Digression alert! Uh, there’s another Formula One survey being run this year. I’m not… Read more

Well Done Socceroos

The final call might have been questionable, but there’s no denying Italy’s defence was very strong, and the ‘roos attacks didn’t quite seem coherent enough to get through. I was sure we had ’em until that last second! But we love you anyway Socceroos! You did us proud. You rock. And kudos to Italy for lasting… Read more

Screen Clipping not working in OneNote?

I use OneNote’s Screen Clipping feature all the time – to save retyping, to show someone exactly what I mean, to manufacture professional-looking* screenshots from my VMs… it’s worth the price of the product alone. I use it with PjPic all the time. And it’s a killer feature! (some might even say… ninja feature?) Whenever I… Read more

ISA 2006 Release Candidate now downloadable

Nearly missed this one, but with the launch of ISA 2006 and its impending RTM, an RC build of ISA 2006 is now available. I’m running the previous beta as a web proxy with no complications; I’m looking forward to seeing what’s in the new build. I’m also kinda hoping to get back to using… Read more


Australia’s first World Cup Finals victory – 3 to 1 vs Japan! The setup just didn’t seem right for the first half, but with subs Cahill, Aloisi and Kennedy backing Viduka and Kewell, it all got put together in the end. Well done socceroos!… Read more

Search Box Shortcuts Exist!

Dugie clued me up on the .lnk technique, which looks pretty cool, but I wondered if there was an easy, shortcutty way to use the search box in IE7 (now I’ve got my provider ducks in a line)… Looks like it’s in the help! (slightly consolidated) To do this Press this Go to the Toolbar Search box CTRL+E… Read more

End of FY06 Blog Post

  The Financial Year might not have *quite* wrapped up just yet, but it looks like June’s going to be The Big Busy Month of my year. So I thought that rather than actually blog anything of value this month, I’d just recap some of the few content-rich posts from this year (some might call… Read more

Playing with Search Providers

As I spend seriously scary amounts of my life searching and related properties, I threw together some OpenSearch thingummyjigs to search from the IE7 Search Box Thing. I’m still unconvinced that they’re more effective than just typing in every query (I don’t have to take my hands off the keyboard to do that),… Read more