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August 31, 2006 (Australian Time)

Today: 1. Saints Row should become available locally for the Xbox 360. Liked the demo. On the subject, did anyone try out the Just Cause demo from Marketplace? That was really over-the-top latin american fun! I wonder if it’ll have Live capabilities, so I can scream things like “Miguel! You keeeled my braaathaaaar!” at my Argentinian friend*…. Read more

I’m officially declaring Spring

It’s sunny. It’s warm. There’s a light breeze. Birds are chirping happily as the trees rustle softly. They’ve fertilized the gardens in the townhouse block where I live. As soon as I step out of the front door, I’m assailed by the odour (Smells Like Excrement Because It IS Real Excrement™! Now With Added Bone!) So, it’s another big… Read more

Where izzy?

Sure – I post about how I got my blog back, and then stop posting. Obvious, really. Anyway, I’ve been off with what the local tree doctor called conjunctive eye tusk, which is where one eye tries to grow a tusk, and becomes a bit red in the process. Pin Kai, he also called it…. Read more

XNA, anyone?

Jason Olson sums it all up neatly, and has lots of fun links to follow. So check it out. The XNA team have a new blog, which I’m sure will be getting a bit more active in the lead-up to August 30. Think I’ll be signing up for that. Happy bleep!… Read more

Windows Live Writer

Finally, we can talk about Windows Live Writer. I don’t really have a lot to say except: it gave me back my blogs, and stoked my desire to write something – rather than the silent dread of fighting a (*!%!_ browser-based HTML editor again. After it’s set up, it’s a WYSIWYG editor, in a more meaningful fashion than most other… Read more

Two easy ways to pick Kerberos from NTLM in an HTTP capture

When tracing authenticated HTTP traffic, you’ll often see a Windows client use the Negotiate protocol to authenticate itself to a Windows web server. In the past, I’ve surprised my friends and amazed casual onlookers by being able to instantly surmise which authentication protocol was actually in use. While that’s a useful skill to have, it’s one… Read more

Microsoft ISA Server 2006: Trial Software (RTM) Out Now!

Yep, forget the RC – ISA Server 2006 is done, and the trial version is now available for download (requires registration)! The fully functional trial software offers you the opportunity to experience the new features and functionality of ISA Server 2006. The trial automatically expires 180 days after you install it on your servers. Link to Microsoft ISA… Read more

ISA Server Best Practices Analyzer v3 (ISABPA) Just Released…

The ISA team just released the latest version of the ISA BPA to the web – here’s the list of enhancements from the mail announcing it internally. If you see bold in an odd place, that’s my emphasis. The ISA Server Sustained Engineering team is excited to announce the RTW of the Microsoft© ISA Server… Read more

one-Line Iso-Ish-Date Format Thing For CMD

I love CMD. I love batch files. I love FOR. I love being able to do things in one line, without resorting to VBScript or a custom EXE. Today’s task: make a unique folder for each day of metabase collection. I figured that getting a folder-creation-capable date format out of %date% and %time% should be reasonably… Read more