Windows Vista FTW: Cleartype over RDP

One of the little things I love about Windows Vista is that I'm able to use the RDP client without The Jaggies.

I use Consolas in Visual Studio and elsewhere, and as Jeff pointed out a while back, it's just not built for non-Cleartype environments.

I mostly use RDP on my home WLAN, but even across the Internet, I find the benefits of font smoothing compelling enough to spend the extra bytes on it, even on my dodgy cable connection.

So: Vista Remote Desktop Client for the win!

(as far as I know, it works only to Windows Vista-level RDP servers).

Comments (2)

  1. Tristan K says:

    I tried it out as well- guess it’s an RDP 6.0 feature rather than a client option for any version.

    At the moment I’m using Vista -> Vista more than any other combination, so it’s good!

    I imagine (but don’t actually have an XP box to test with right now) that the downloadable version provides the same feature from downlevel clients to Windows Vista.

    Nice summary on ThinComputing.Net here:

    I think I WindowsUpdated the last XP computer I can remember using and magically ended up with it.

  2. Rob W. says:

    I saw that new feature as well – too bad it doesn’t work when I’m connected to my 2003 server.  Still, it’s nice to know it will be there when I move on up.


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