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P1610 First Impressions

I got my Fujitsu P1610 Lifebook care of Hugo on Wednesday, and I have a rather long post on it coming (I know, I could do a bunch of shorter posts, but that’d wreck my quality-is-not-quantity posting metrics for the month!).

For now, I’d just like to say that it’s the best laptop I’ve ever used for what I want to use it for – a small and highly mobile note-taking notebook, with good battery life and enough power to use for Real Things. Not a desktop replacement, a desktop adjunct. A replacement for pen and paper.

It’s light enough to use on the couch, and to carry around in the office – the battery life is such that I don’t constantly need to be near a charger or suffer an anxiety attack.

The touch screen needs just a little more pressure than I was expecting, but I’m adapting, and as JK pointed out, no vectoring issues.

I jammed Windows Vista straight onto it, and the experience hasn’t been flawless (missing software and drivers – sure it’ll be rectified in short order), but it’s certainly on the “good” side of usable, and I’m not needing to boot back to XP. Basic functionality is all there, and it’ll only get better (pen flicks and “proper” Vista touch support are what I’m most interested in).

So, at least after three days: very happy with my purchase. Needs more RAM, but it’s exorbitantly overpriced locally at present (1GB micro SO-DIMM: $US850, but $AU1999 !? Might have to get some when I’m stateside next…)