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Xbox Live – Free Gold Weekend for Aussies

If you’ve got an Xbox and broadband but haven’t upgraded from Silver, give it a go! It’s free until 10pm Sunday. I’ve been playing Gears of War this week, and am *itching* to take it online, but my phone line decided to suddenly choke my ADSL connection on Sunday night, and Telstra didn’t get to fixing it this week…. Read more

Games Games Games, Games Games Games, Game Game all the waaaay.

What am I looking forward to this Christmas? Well, two have really caught my fancy: Gears of War – 23 Nov (I mean seriously, with a metascore like that, I’d need to seriously justify not buying it) Rainbow Six Vegas – 23 Nov (metascore not there yet, but the demo was awesome) And with that, it’s… Read more

Searching For A Better Notebook

Back from Fiji. The resort and the people were lovely, the snorkeling amazing, and I’m told the diving was pretty good too. Right back to business: I need some serious retail therapy. I went away with a powerful laptop I barely used (I actually set a personal record for “least PC use in a given week”,… Read more