ISA Server 2006 – URL Redirection Made Easy

Dr Tom calls out an excellent method of bouncing users from an "entry" URL to the right one (his example is bouncing someone from to, but it should work for others too).

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  1. ClintD says:

    If you can get the steps to work, I’d really like to see how you did it. When you create a Deny Web Publishing Rule, there is no option to redirect users to a different URL.

    From my experience, and from the UI, the "Redirect HTTP requests to this URL" option is only available for a normal Access Rule – how do you write this rule? Specifically, who is the Destinaton of this rule? Local Host or a URL Set?

    [tk] Hi Clint – I just ran through this:
    New -> Web Site Publishing Rule. Picked Deny as the action, then created a regular rule for a specific domain name with no path (not using the OWA publishing wiz, it’s too specific). When the rule has been created, edit the properties and:
    Action tab – make sure it’s set to Deny, then tick "Redirect HTTP requests to this Web Page", and enter in the box.
    The more-specific Allow rule for follows that one, and it should all work. I didn’t muck around with any other properties – you want it to apply to everything,
    all requests, etc.

    This was on ISA 2006 EE; don’t think SE should be any different.

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