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I’m going to flee, I am.

To the beach, once more. Since going on holiday a couple of hours ago, I’ve:  – bought Civ 4 and Psychonauts from Steam (played the Psychonauts demo a while back, absolutely loved it, but didn’t buy it for a reason I can’t remember right now) (they’re peppering my DSL connection as I type)  – played the… Read more

Netmon 3, Now With Added Blogging!*

Though it might technically be possible, it’s probably quite difficult (“quite” in the “very” sense) to blog from Netmon. Doesn’t stop us rolling out the most significant new version in, oh, years, and the Netmon team have started a blog with tips and things for the new version. It’s a ground-up rewrite, it’s all new,… Read more

We Are To Afflict Nuisance / We Are Impairment Praying Carrots

A beauty of a dialog over at the always-lolfworthy Daily WTF: We are to afflict nuisance which you east cause, but the program met an error. We would like, for a support more effective than you send the report/ratio of error we will correct the program within shortest time! [To cancel] [Send error] It’s just… Read more

Why I Don’t Win Awards For Intelligence Very Often*

a) I always get the whole “sneaking” thing wrong in Splinter Cell: Double Agent (Ah tristank, you are so clever! A pun on Intelligence!) b) I just spent about, oh, two-and-a-bit hours on and off today working out how to get Outlook to look at the IE7 feed list. Let’s concentrate on my failure at (b) for the… Read more

My Windows Vista MCE

I’ve had a mission critical Media Centre PC set up in the living room for the last – oh – dunno. Since MCE 2005 came out. It’s had various interim builds of Windows Vista running on it for various lengths that were abandoned for various reasons (and she beats me if it fails). As of… Read more


Alriiight, CS 2.1 rolls on in and I think I’d better break the cycle of work, Armadillo Run and limited sleep to clock up a single post for ROCKtober. In the voice of a commercial DJaaaaaay. The logo’s off centre now, because it’s edgier. If it loads at aaaaall. More amazing posts coming up on Blog… Read more