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August 31, 2006 (Australian Time)


1. Saints Row should become available locally for the Xbox 360. Liked the demo. On the subject, did anyone try out the Just Cause demo from Marketplace? That was really over-the-top latin american fun! I wonder if it’ll have Live capabilities, so I can scream things like “Miguel! You keeeled my braaathaaaar!” at my Argentinian friend*.

2. XNA Studio (that’s the one where you get a game development kit for C# that lets you sign up to test the game on the 360 as well) should become available. See .

3. Always make three points, so, um… there was another game coming out at the same time, but I’ve forgotten what it was, or it’s been pushed back, or something. Dead Rising is due on the 14th. Muted cheer.


* former friend

whose name is not Miguel

and who didn’t (to my knowledge) keel my braaathaa.