ASP.Net / .Net Framework 1.1 >4GB Memory Problem

Just a quick mention of the following article – it’s not a virtual address space issue per se; this one’s talking about problems when the amount of physical memory in the machine exceeds 2GB – particularly where greater than 4GB.

893360 FIX: Generation 1 garbage collections and generation 2 garbage collections occur much more frequently on computers that have 2 GB or more of physical memory in the .NET Framework 1.1;EN-US;893360

This problem occurs because the GlobalMemoryStatus function that the garbage collection uses is not designed for computers that have more than 2 GB of physical memory

This hotfix uses the newer GlobalMemoryStatusEx function instead of the GlobalMemoryStatus function. The GlobalMemoryStatusEx function correctly returns the memory status on computers that have more than 4 GB of physical memory.

[Update 19/07/06] – linked the MSDN article for GlobalMemoryStatus, where more information is available.

The hotfix is available on request.

Other potentially interesting fixes are linked from this article – well worth a bedtime read:

914962 List of updates that were released after the release of Windows Server 2003 Service Pack 1;EN-US;914962

Comments (2)

  1. Sir Arthur William Fadden says:

    Amongst the Canberra Press Gallery this evening, the discussion turned to your blog posting and the general consensus was:

    !clrstack -all

    !do 0xDEADBEEF

  2. Tristan K says:

    !!!!?! 0xDEADBEEF!?

    So: In Kernel space!? What’s managed code doing in the kernel!?

    (Unless we’re talking about a 32-bit Large Address Aware process running under X64, natch)

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