Australia's first World Cup Finals victory - 3 to 1 vs Japan!

The setup just didn't seem right for the first half, but with subs Cahill, Aloisi and Kennedy backing Viduka and Kewell, it all got put together in the end.

Well done socceroos!


Comments (3)

  1. Gallivanter says:

    Australia deserved points in that game as the Japs played like how the English played against Paraguay, no balls. So good for Australia!

  2. Kirsten says:

    Good work socceroos! I couldn’t see the match cause I was working but you bet I’ll be watching this Friday.  I can only assume it was a bit of a party atmosphere in Sydney- wish I was there

  3. Tristan K says:

    Kip: I’m sure it would have been a party atmosphere here if I’d been out and about (though I’ll mention that the Aussie crowd shown on TV were looking really lacklustre in the middle-to-late part of the match – ALWAYS KEEP SCREAMING PEOPLE!) but it was quite late to stay up on a school night!

    Gallivanter: it looked like the Aussies just didn’t have it together until the end, and then it was the brilliance of a few out front that seemed to pull it together out of nowhere. A bit of agression, a whiff of hope, and in went the goals!

    Now we just have to beat Brazil… 🙂

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