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End of FY06 Blog Post


The Financial Year might not have *quite* wrapped up just yet, but it looks like June’s going to be The Big Busy Month of my year. So I thought that rather than actually blog anything of value this month, I’d just recap some of the few content-rich posts from this year (some might call them classics, but I’m much too fabulous to be so immodest) using single-sentence summaries. Cos let’s face it: there’s getting straight to the point, and then there’s whatever it is that I do.

After a rather nasty experience with the web form, I figure I might try OneNote (Winkey+S people! Winkey+S!) and not worry about the formatting too much. (Ooh)



What I really meant

Custom Password Filters

You only need to enable Windows Password Complexity if your filter is designed to test additional conditions, otherwise you’ll want to turn Windows’ password complexity off.

Aussie IT Pro Blogger OPML

Has been subsumed by TechTalkBlogs – thanks Frank and Mark!

Ctrl+C In A Message Box Does What!?

Copy, in a word.

Tabs: Convert To The Middle Click

“Laptops aren’t real computers”. And middle-clicking rocks.

The Numbing

The strange calmness that descends when you just know everything’s going to go horribly wrong…

The Frisbee Moment

When someone so abjectly doesn’t understand that they don’t react at all. Creepy.

What I Worry About When Web Publishing

Client security. Keyloggers. That type of thing. Do you really want people connecting via an Internet café?

A Plea To Avalon/WPF Developers

Animation is cool… if it can be disabled. By the way, in the Windows Vista Ease of Access Center, under Optimize Visual Display there’s an item called “turn off all unnecessary animations” which I’m hoping is exposed in some simple way to Avalon apps…

Controlling Acceptable Internet Access With ISA Server

Do you really need an expensive filtering plugin, or simply a reign of pure unmitigated terror supported by draconian policies?

Remember: Fear is often cheaper than technology™.

My Tablet PC: A Stonking Great Desktop

It was fun for a while, but my current box doesn’t have RAID drivers for Vista, so no TabletPC for now…

Foldershare Rocks!

Seriously – I use it constantly. Without even thinking about it. 100% recommended.


I was accused of missing the boat, but I maintain that bing is a useful single-syllable verb for IM.

Slow DNS = Slow Proxy

C’mon, that one’s not so bad, it’s all in the title!

The Client Certificate Problem

Client certs don’t mix with Web Publishing, at least not in the way lots of people want them to.

The Infamous Drill Post

Yeah, so there was this motherboard, right? And I put a power drill through it. And then it stopped working. Weirdest thing.

Taking a Dump with Windows Vista

Because Drwtsn32 -p (pid) isn’t as user-friendly.

So How’s The 360?

Fantastic. Looking forward to Saints Row and Splinter Cell. Reminds me, I must go get that dash update.

Realism in Games

A very long-winded way of saying a) Descent 2 was the best ever, and b) I really want Descent 2 for Xbox 360 please.

Kerbie Goes Bananas (I prefer that title)

How SPNs work with App Pools in a Kerberos authentication/delegation scenario. Er, that didn’t help at all, did it? Sorry…


PAE = more RAM accessible by the system, which can be shared amongst all the user-mode processes. Doesn’t change user address space layout.


So, thanks to all six readers (yep, that’s 100% up on last year!) for all your support, kind words, and frequent ridicule. You rock.