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Restoring My Faith In Humanity

One of the most wonderful things about working in the computer industry is that you’re assumed to be an expert on absolutely everything to do with computers, and saying “I don’t know” about any question is taken as a personal affront by the person asking the question: obviously you know, you’re a computer person, you’re just lying to me because you don’t want to fix my computer.

My girlfriend, an ex-techie, recently called me.

The recycle bin is gone. How can I get it back?

Well, I don’t know.

Not good enough. You could work it out. If you loved me.

Given sufficient time I could rewrite all of the software ever written in history and solve any problem ever created, but I just don’t know, and I’m really busy.


Four seconds into one remote assistance session later (can you see where I found it?)

Unfortunately, while demonstrating my utter* and unfailing* superiority* this type of thing only encourages them to ask again. Sigh.