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So terrific that 3 of 4 readers rated it "soporific"

Thanks Chuckie P.

It’s a Saturday night, so naturally I’m catching up on thousands of unread blog posts while my girlfriend subjects herself to Return of the Jedi.

Charles “Chuckie P”* Petzold (the famous XAML rapper) made a very interesting update on Microsoft’s CSAML C-sharp programming innovations at some point in the last month (some might say a key point).

Somewhere around the example “A = 5 * (B + 27 * C);” translated into CSAML, the penny dropped.

Note to long-time readers expecting some level of verbal abuse from me: The title for this post was either going to be “Thanks Chuck” or somewhat more precisely “Damn you, Petzold! Daaaaamn yooouuu!”.